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Subtitle A Journey Through Love, Loss and Healing
By Louise Moir
Published by Thistle Publishing
ISBN 9781910670927
Category Memoir
Spring 2017


In 2011 Louise Moir was faced with the sudden and catastrophic death of her husband. At the age of 41, after losing his job the previous year, Daniel took his own life, leaving behind Louise, their two young sons and his two daughters from a previous marriage.

Author's Biography

Louise studied fine art at Cheltenham University before completing an MA in art psychotherapy at Hertfordshire University. She has worked as an art psychotherapist in child, adolescent and adult mental health services for the past fifteen years. She has also trained in EMDR, a form of psychotherapy that is typically used to treat post-traumatic stress. Irreplaceable is Louise’s first book. She now lives on the south coast with her two young sons.


Price £9.99

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Reader Comments

The most inspiring but equally heartbreaking book I have ever read.
A moving account of the havoc caused by mental illness and, by the way, a threnody on what can happen to even gifted individuals as they dodge the slings and arrows of the 21st century.
Hiya. Daniel Grimes was my best mate for a long time. Have some lovely stories of KS in Brazil if you would love to hear as well as loads of others. Big love xx
A great book, well written, tackling an important subject
A very honest and open book about a taboo subject. Mental health is on the increase and very misunderstood. This is a very easy read and also highlights how anybody at any stage could be affected. Well done Louise. Beautifully written and I wish lots of love to Louise and her children.
Awesome, inspiring, personal and beautifully written - a MUST read ! 👍
As a person working with individuals bereaved by suicide I felt privileged to read this book and be able to share it with others. A wonderfully, honest and genuine reflection.
Loved it!
A fantastic book about loosing your soul mate, dealing with the fallout and finally coming out the other side, stronger
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An amazing book by someone who has been through a lot. As a volunteer with Cruse Bereavement Care I gained an insight into suicide and some of the mental issues associated with it. Recommended reading.
A deeply moving book dealing with a very difficult subject that is of interest to those who have personally shared similar experiences and have not. Highly recommended.
A heart-wrenching and powerful book immersing the reader into the tragedy of mental illness and suicide and the rawness of grief. Louise's story of survival is one woven with human frailty and strength, courage and vulnerability, and of enduring love and hope in the face of despair.
An amazing personal story, giving an in depth insight into the struggles and heart ache caused by mental illness and suicide.
Great book
Excellent book
A thought provoking read, highlights the struggle faced by the whole family helping someone with bipolar. The tragic end is only the begining of the lasting impact it has on the survivors.
A moving insight into the devastation suicide can leave for a family, a brave account of how to help others in the same situation. A powerful tribute to a loving husband and father who suffered with mental health illness.
Amazing sad true story and very emotional. I had tears running down my face. I read it in one day. Inspirational and thought provoking
This well-written and moving real-life story is inspiring to all those of us who struggle with daily life without the devastating loss of a much-loved partner, as well an encouragement to all who sadly find themselves in a similar situation. A must-read.
Important subject sensitively written
Irreplaceable is such an honest powerful and moving book- so brave and life changing for anyone who reads it
This book is a beautiful, emotional and heartfelt story that you cannot put down.
Beautifully written, compassionate story.
Well written book that's really worth reading
A wonderful, moving and illuminating book.