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The Pink Unicorns of Male Breast Cancer
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The Pink Unicorns of Male Breast Cancer

By Alan F Herbert
ISBN 978-0995600607
Category Health
Spring 2017


Alan Herbert is a West London born, ex forces, motorcycle riding, all action grandfather who now lives in The Netherlands with his family. In 2012, he was diagnosed with breast cancer. 
Alan vividly describes his battle with cancer and the often absurd situations he finds himself in as he fights not only the killer disease, but also the ignorance borne out of the femenisation of breast cancer. 

Follow Alan’s courageous story that shows not only the determination, but the admirable spirit of a man who battled and survived. An inspirational, gripping, and down-to-earth story written from a man’s point of view in dealing with breast cancer. 

Author's Biography

Alan Herbert joined the RAF at 18 as motor boat crew on RAF Marine craft. He served in the Far East and Northern Ireland. Alan served 3 years in the RAF leaving as a senior aircraftsman. After various jobs including lifeguard, he joined the Royal Navy aged 24 as a medical assistant. He served a further 13 years ending his career as a senior Petty Officer medical assistant( Enrolled Nurse) on Nuclear submarines.


A superbly written book!  Alan expresses his views and his own personal account going through the battle of breast cancer and how the outside world seemed to react to him having what they believed to be predominantly a "woman's disease," which of course is not true. Men can get breast cancer too, as outlined in this book. Alan writes with clarity, emotion and even humour while telling us his story. This is a remarkable story and whether or not cancer has touched your life, this is a "must read." I highly recommend this book, which is why I have given Alan F. Herbert 5 stars! 
Price £5.75

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Reader Comments

A great book highlighting a generally ignored problem. Men get breast cancer too! Well written, subjective without being sentimental, yet honest in its telling.
Excellent book, easy to read and well worth reading. The need to raise awareness of male breast cancer is vital.
This story and information need to be circulated to all males via any means.
Very informative but riveting read
A book every man should read
A book every woman should get the men in her life to read! Alan Herbert with every emotion possible hi-lights that Breast Cancer is not just a woman's disease! The facts on behalf of men need telling! This book does just that. I highly recommend this book to all!
This story needed telling to spread awareness of male breast cancer.
This book is agreat read of a mans battle with a womans disease and how he had to fight to get heard. If there is one book a man, your husband, friend should read then it is this one. Well written and thought provoking. I would give this book 5 out 5
Well written, informative and funny. A "must read" for all health care professionals and the general public. The knowledge that breast cancer can affect men as well as women MUST receive more publicity.
An excellent book that really highlights the importance of Male Breast Cancer. This book needs to be brought into focus to help others. Please vote for this book, it is for a worthy cause!
Great book and well written. Male Breast cancer it needs much more attention.
fantastic book written by a man who was confronted with breast cancer. full of humor, he describes his journey through oncologists, hospital and other medical specialists. Extremely important that this book is read to create awarness and to save lives this way.