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What's Up With Your Gut?

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What's Up With Your Gut?

Subtitle Why you bloat after eating bread and pasta... and other gut problems
By Jo Waters and Julian Walters
ISBN 9781781610671
Category Health
Spring 2017


A practical look at the full range of gut problems using a symptom-led approach so that readers can recognise what may have been troubling them for years and find solutions

Author's Biography

Jo Waters is an independent health writer for The Mail, Good Health and many consumer magazines. Julian Walters is Professor of Gastroenterology at Imperial College, London and Hammersmith Hospital


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Reader Comments

Thrilled to have found this book. Highly recommended.
Understanding through knowledge is the first step to open the door to better health.
This book will alter my eating habits for the better.
'why you bloat after eating bread and pasta... and other gut problems' is the subtitle of this book. A must read as I think it will help with health problems.
Practical and helpful book