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Subtitle The Crimes of Felix Culpepper
By Richard Major
Published by Indie Books
ISBN 9781908041289
Winter 2016


When there are crimes to be covered up, mysteries to be wrapped in enigmas, or a murderer to be liquidated, there is only one man who can be trusted with the task: Felix Culpepper, tutor in Classics at St Wygefortis' College, Cambridge, and assassin-at-large for the British Establishment.

Author's Biography

Richard Major has degrees in history, literature and theology, and teaches at universities in England, Italy, America, Australia, India, Slovenia and Hungary. For some years he worked in New York as a journalist and commentator. He now lives with his wife and two children in Africa 


This is not only a very good read, fast paced and witty and full of suspense, but a well written book. Dr Charles Moseley
Price £20.00

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Reader Comments

Superbly languaged, funny and fascinating.
No question that Major is the greatest comic novelist in English since Evelyn Waugh. I laughed, I cried. Bring on the sequel!
Highly recommended for anyone looking for a heady cocktail of plot and pastiche, very elegantly put together, with gripping stories and hilarious jokes (ranging from the literary to the ludicrous). Felix Culpepper is deplorably louche, but very entertaining. I laughed so much I dropped the book, so the message has to be ‘hold on tight for a roller coaster read.’
Wit, brilliance and wonderment lurk around every corner!
Hoorah for an intelligent new sleuth with the added bonus of mirth and fun. Is the 'proper' job Richard Major has been searching for? Looks like it to me!
Engagingly devious: H. H. Munro ravished by Simon Raven.
Richard Major is an incredible talent - can't wait to read more!
This book is the love child of _The Name of The Rose_ and _Lucky Jim_. Brilliant, glittering, fun, addictive.
Excellent and captiviting book!
What a ride! One of the most unique, scary and funny reads ever. Worth a second trip.