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Algarve Travel Guide: 54 Cities/Towns/Villages
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Algarve Travel Guide: 54 Cities/Towns/Villages

By Karl Bradshaw-White
ISBN 9781784552596
Summer 2015


One of the largest tour guides for the Algarve: find hidden gems and beach hideaways you never knew existed. There’s money saving tips before booking, festivals, fairs, monthly events, market and flea market dates, golfing courses, camping sites, attractions, zoos and waterparks. 
A guide you won't want to put down!

Author's Biography

Karl Bradshaw-White was born in London in 1962, educated at Tylney Hall in Hampshire. He has been an antiques and fine arts dealer and has worked in furniture restoration for 30 years. He’s a self-taught artist exhibited at Beecroft Art Gallery in Southend and proud owner of a Beecroft Award.


Price £19.99

"Packed full of useful and helpful advice" - The Portugal News 
"A great addition to any set of guide books" - Travelling Book Junkie

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Reader Comments

Both wish you all the best xx
Wish you all the best & good luck.
A Travel guide book worthy of my vote and deserves to win.
Well Done & GL.
Good Luck!
Looks like I just made it Karl, GOOD LUCK.
Spectacular book,we need more of this type of book to promote Portugal.
A sure winner in my eyes for all the research and hard work that must have gone into it. Truly a guide book well worth having.
Good luck on winning.
Well written and researched, credit to the author,best of luck with the votes.
Good Luck!
Well presented guide book that has been put together by someone who has visited the places mentioned, it does feel like you have your own personal guide with you when reading it.Well done to the author.
Nice book
Best of luck Karl hope you win and it helps your writing career?
Truly well worth every penny, the book has so much useful information. Ideal for us as we are planning to retire to Portugal and we now have more of an insight as to the many places that are more Portuguese rather than those overcrowded with expats.It is not until we purchased the book we realized how big the Algarve is.So please we found this book.
Good luck with he book.
Great Job, best of luck winning.
Well done & Good luck
On lunch break, just spilt coffee on my lap doing this, so you better b#$%# win ;-)
Good luck mate!
Well done, we are both rooting for you as are the others in the office.
Well Done! hope you win.
Good Luck Karl xx
Very practical travel guide covers everything and more than what I wanted.
Very much looking forward to visiting the places covered in the guide book,the read makes the place sound exciting. We can't wait, good luck with book.
Purchase for the lovely cover photo's and inside does not let it down. This guide book really conjures up what a beautiful place it must be to visit.
Best Travel guide I have ever seen for the Algarve. Deserves to win for all the hard work gone into it.
Got my vote...
Good Luck Karl xx
Very interesting fact that would surprise a lot of readers. Well done on all the research, not written by someone in an office, but a real traveler. we both wish you all the best for the outcome.
My husband and I have visited Portugal many times but never knew a lot of things about the country until now, a lovely book to own.
Hope this vote counts??
Got my vote!
Such a lovely surprise when we found out, hope you keep it up :-)
Well done to get this far and be nominated, I am really looking forward to reading your book,I see from many of the votes, it is one that I shall enjoy.
Good Luck.
Good Luck!
:-) :-) :-) :-)
Well done Karl, deserves the nomination.
A truly gifted writer and researcher, the book is a mind of information.
Great information travel guide. Thanks for telling me about it.
Seems you are doing well since we last saw you,well done and congrats.
Well done Karl! You deserve to win as always you always give it 100%.
Wishing you all the best. Maggy :-)
A Great guide book, one that we will use for customer use.
Well You kept that one from us, well done did not know you were a budding author.Good luck.
Congratulations on being nominated, wish you all the best.
Good Luck
A great cover with the content living up to it,very well research as we have visited many of the places in the guide. perhaps a little work on the maps?
A Great travel guide that will surely take pride of place in our collection.
Well done Mate, hope you win, the book is great. Many thanks for the copy, reads well.
:-) :-) Well done!
Thank you for putting together such a wonderful informative guide. It deserves to win.
Well done!
Well done Karl, John and I are keeping our fingers and toes crossed for you :-)
A real winner in my eyes, this really is a great travel guide book.
Good Luck ;-)
Well done my friend lets hope you win? Good Luck.
Very much looking forward to our visit this winter.A great read!
Currently reading the book in Spain, we are both looking forward to visiting the many places in the guide book.We think our first port of call has to be Alcoutim as the author writes with great enthusiasm.
Great guide for such a great country, hope your book attracts more visitors,well done my friend.
Have been to the Algarve a number of times, but just flipping through random pages I've already learned 4 or 5 things I didn't know! Looking forward to giving it a proper read :-)
Well done :-)
Well done Karl, it must have taken a lot of hard work to put such a travel guide together. It is very well researched and very informative, a great book to share with friend who love the Algarve.
best travel book on portugual
Good Information.
Well researched book, not found one better yet has all you need to know about the Algarve.
Both Paul and I loved the book it was just jammed packed full of not only useful information, but great interesting facts.
Very Good and informative on many places, some very good tips and translations
Well done
Well done Karl we keep our fingers crossed for you :-)
Great Book to encourage tourist to this wonderful country.
A very well thought out guide covering most subjects.definitely a guide book that will last me for a few years.
Well Done! A great achievement for you.
Such a good Guide, plenty of things to look at and do.
Well done Karl! hope I have not left it to late?
A very good guide, I liked the layout as it reads more like a book than some of the guides that can become confusing to use. The cover photo's conjure up all that I would expect of the algarve.
Look forward to seeing many of the places featured.Good Luck
Lovely style of writing. Jam packed full of useful information....a great read.
This is what I call a guide book, what it lacks in maps it makes up for in information
Lots of good information and plenty of photo's.
Never though I would be reading a travel guide in bed, looking forward to our trip next month
Fact filled guide and very well written, covering more than we have seen of the algarve, very good beach information. Gets my vote
This is a must have even if you are / or think you are well travelled, sometimes you might just need some help and this book will become your best friend, I am talking from just having been in a situation I wouldn't leave home without
Well done Karl, it's a great book packed with info :-)
very informative, would recommend.
Great fact filled book, loved the interesting section, just goes to show you learn something everyday.
Fabulous book, huge amount of content, great pictures and really well written. An absolute must read, whether you are travelling to the Algarve for a holiday or indeed living here!
Very informative guide, looking forward to our visit next month.
Fantastic,Informative book.
A friendly and chatty style makes this book more accessible than many guides. It also shows a real appreciation of the people and the area, proving an intimate knowledge and love for the Algarve which goes beyond the normal holiday recommendations you find in most books or websites. Some great photography too!
Great book
We love the Algarve ! We will buy this book immediately !
Excellent Guide with useful information xxx
very helpful for visitors to algarve, but above all for the readers of Algarve24 NewsOnline. we publish a little story from Karl's book every week.
Super book on the Algarve
This is without doubt the best Travel Guide to the Algarve, includes all the hidden gems, and loads of useful information.
well worth the purchase & a defo for the flight over
Great Book, Lots of useful information
The best guide I have read that covers the Algarve
He certainly knows his stuff
A reader from Canada wishes you Good Luck!
Great book that will be useful to our clients, when they need knowledge of a town or village in the Algarve.
Purchased on Amazon as a Kindle, great value as the guide covers the 54 cities-town & villages. have never come across a book that cover so much of the algarve.
Factual book that does Southern Portugal proud, very informative on descriptions of the many places I have visited. A book worthy of winning an award.
Brilliant useful book!
I have lived on the Algarve for nearly two years, and this book is so helpful to us, very informative & a great read.
Excellent book full of great info and advise
Great Read
Very informative book.
My last visit to Portugal was over 15 years ago. This book brought back memories so I convinced myself to return. Excellent guide and thoroughly informative.
Excellent Guide !!!
I know the Algarve quite well not as well as Karl! I used his book to research my most recent trip. The descriptions of towns and villages that don't usually feature in the touristy blurb were particularly helpful for making decisions about where to go and gave me a good idea of what to expect. I've also recommended the book to people who are thinking of moving to the Algarve but not sure which part they want to be in.
Well prepared and thought through with easy flowing text and descriptions that continue through the book, a joy to read.
A very unusual travel guide, gives loads of interesting facts, ideal to read on the plane. I found it very easy to dip in and out and every time felt compelled to read on.I can see this becoming a no1 best seller for the Algarve market.
Good book with useful information
This is an amazing book with everything you would want to know about this lovely part of Portugal The Algarve
verry nice book
This book is a must have for any one visiting the Algarve. It is full of useful information and tips. Well worth the money.
Absolutely fantastic travel book. A must if you are going to Portugal!!!
Excellent travel guide, I would fully recommend it for your trip to the Algarve
very good read
This is the first time we have ever found a guide that covers the whole Algarve. It was nice to read about some of the smaller village we had visited in the past. Some has things we missed so may well plane to revisit them,as never knew there is a tea shop & museum in Algoz. Well done to the author.
Excellent guide to the Algarve, so much so that i keep copies in my rental properties and the guests love it!
I love this guide it is so helpful and gives you so much useful information.I would highly recommend this book to my family and friends a brilliant book!
This is a fabulous guide book.The pictures are brilliant a real gem
Will be a great help for tourists and local ex pats.
I have this book. Been very helpful with living in the Algarve.
Great guide to the beautiful algarve!
Excellent Guide full of great tips!!!
It unveils some of the best kept secrets of the Algarve touristic destination!
Great guide. Wish this was about when I first came here!
great read.
So looking forward to visiting Portugal with this Guide Book.
Very helpful and informative.
Easy to read and covers 'many a corner' that other travel guides miss!
A well laid out and informative book about a load of places to go for anyone visiting the Algarve.
There have been many alleged tourist guides to the Algarve written, but this is definitely the must have guide. It has information essential for the tourist, Information on towns written in such a way that the author is obviously writing from first hand experience. I have been visiting the Algarve for nearly 20 years, and thought I knew much about the Algarve, but this guide highlights things I never knew about.
Useful book , easy to read,nice tips about what to do in the Algarve
Great ,very informative ,super guide and treasures to find .
One of the best travel books about the Algarve I ever have seen.
What can I say? A superb travel guide, not only full of useful and interesting information but also takes the opportunity to explain where to find those hidden gems of the Algarve. A truly must-have guide for BOTH those visiting the Algarve for the first time and the seasoned Algarve traveller!
An excellent must have read for all visitors the Portugal's beautiful Algarve. This guide tells you what to see and do in order to maximise your enjoyment.
Excellent book very informative and easy to use
A very useful guide for anyone interested in visiting 'off the beaten track' places in the Algarve.
Excellent gift for anyone who visits regularly as there is always something new to discover. Very informative and should not be passed by, would highly recommend
Packed with useful information to enhance all aspects of an enjoyable holiday in The Algarve this guide is a 'must-have' for visiting tourists.
Very informative about the Algarve region
Love this book a must for exploring the Algarve.Barbara B
I have in the past spent many years in the Algarve wish this book had been around then. Bryan B
A different approach to know the Algarve, also a good gift to offer to someone who wants to discover the truly Algarve, visiting numerous places. The title says everything.
Very informative, even if you think you know the Algarve well you still find things and places you didn't know about in this book.
One of the best travel guides I have read. Full of information about the places and other info about a number of things you might need to know about. Glad I bought the book and am able to recommend it for a prize.
The best Travel Guide for the Algarve, one of the most beautiful places on planet earth! Obrigada Karl Bradshaw-White. Looking forward to more. May be a guide for the Alentejo?
A great Travel Guide full of information that some other guides do not have, loved the many interesting facts section and reading about the many places we have visited. great book! well done.