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Overcoming Self-harm and suicidal thoughts
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Overcoming Self-harm and suicidal thoughts

Subtitle A practical guide for the adolescent years
By Liz Quish
ISBN 9781781610572
Category Non-Fiction, Health
Summer 2015


A practical guide for parents and others responsible for young people who may self-harm and contemplate suicide, looking at social, emotional and physical triggers, maintaining factors and sources of recovery. Once self-harm is understood as a coping strategy recovery can replace blame and recriminations.

Author's Biography

Liz is a qualified counsellor, psychotherapist, parent coach, early childhood educator and mediator who has been working with children and families for over 20 years, most recently as a Crisis Counsellor in Pieta House, one of Ireland's key providers of help for those in suicidal distress.


Price £12.99

Mail Online 
'To help alert parents - and guide those who are concerned - one expert has put her 20 years of experience into a new book. [There] she discusses why young people self-harm, the warning signs and the various treatment approaches available.' 

Mummypages - 
'Filled with tips on how to support young people and increase their self-esteem and resilience, it offers a uniquely integrated and holistic approach' 

'The book is filled with insights and advice based on [the author's] extensive experience of working with vulnerable teenagers.'

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Reader Comments

Brilliant read very informative
Well done Liz. in this ever growing market of social media where young people seem to communicate everything by means of reading messages, Let's promote Liz's book to help young people to read more about these hugely important issues. Good Luck.
Well done Liz
Good Luck Liz. Love Kelly xx
Best of luck Liz and well done :)
Good Luck Liz. Marie :)
A practical guide for parents and others responsible for young people and filled with tips on how to support young people and increase their self-esteem. A much needed book as sadly self harm and suicide is on the increase among young people today. Well done and best of luck Liz.
A very practical and useful resource for those who are experiencing these issues personally or professionally. It is an essential guide which is excellently written and very easy to read and follow. A great selection and a well needed addition to all bookshelves :)
practical advice for parents.....a gift to the universe!
Fantastic book, best of luck Liz
good luck Liz
Excellent for both professional and personal care. Well worth a number 1 vote and we'll worth buying
Best of luck!
Congrats Liz best of luck
Amazing Lady good luck Liz
Best of luck Liz.
A worthy winner without a doubt. As a parent of a child who self harmed this book gave me and my wonderful son hope!! I have done a lot of research on self harm and bought my fair share of books on the topic in a bid to understand self harm and help my son. This book far exceeds any other book I bought. Written with such compassion, no lingo, easy to read and understand, with practical tips and advise. My son also read the book (his 16) and followed the tips and advise within in a bid to take control of his emotions and develop his self care. This book is worthy of acknowledgement, tackling such a prevalent and challenging issue in a respectful, honest and compassionate manner. Well done to you Liz, I'm glad I came across your book.
Best of luck Liz!
This is a fantastic book, full of sound advise and filled with compassion. A truly worthy winner in its own right given the subject matter. Gives hope and inspiration. Well done Liz
Best of luck
An excellent book by an excellent author
Excellent book helping all families through difficult times.
Excellent book well worth a read
Best of luck Liz x
A must read for any pearent.
Please, I recommend highly she wins. Inspirational
Best of luck
Best of luck liz
Fantastic book
Best of luck with the book Liz 👍
Much needed book on the market for parents, adolescents, psychotherapist and mental health providers.
A useful addition to parents, guardians, teachers and all who care for adolescents and young adults in these sometimes chaotic times.
Excellent book well written good advice congratulations liz
Best of luck.
Very insightful read. Fantastic read
Fantastic book. Well done
Best of luck great book
Excellent book
A worthy winner. Excellent work
So helpful!
Excellent book
This is a great book. I read it cover to cover in one sitting. My daughter was self harming and I found it very difficult to deal with. I was overwhelmed and scared. This book helped me and my daughter so much. Very practical tools and tips. A truly valuable text worthy of acknowledgement.
Best of luck on this great book to help parents
Brilliant book :)
Best of luck
Excellent book that deals with very real issue in today's society .
Great read really dispels the myths around self harm and gives great practical tips to support a person who self harms