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The Story of the Fly
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The Story of the Fly

Subtitle And How It Could Change The World
By Jason Drew & Justine Joseph
Published by Change Agent
ISBN 9780980274288
Category Sustainability
Summer 2015


Takes you behind the pesky reputation of the much-misunderstood fly. It introduces the fly as a future hero that could help save the world. How? By recycling waste nutrients and generating sustainable protein to spare the fish in the ocean and feed the ever-growing number of people on our Earth.

Author's Biography

Jason Drew is an international business leader and serial entrepreneur turned environmentalist and author. He is on the board of a number of organizations, including, his latest ‘green’ venture. 
Justine Joseph is a scientist by training, a freelance journalist by profession and probably the world’s biggest fly fan.


Price £9.99

Reader Comments

A wonderfully insightful book about an industry that will change the world
Nice 1
Complete "out of the box" thinking to solve a very real global issue.
I was inspired by the story of Jason and know how much his story inspires other people.
I am a great fan of Justin Drew's work. It is the kind of creative thinking - and action - we need if we are going to feed 9 billion people sustainably.
It was one of the best book I`ve ever read. This book made me think twice that how we can make our nature and life safe in a simple and easy way. It caused me to see hope again about having a good and better situation for a desirable future. Mojtaba Saderi
An amazingly clever concept!
It could change the world a little in the right direction and this book is an excellent explanation of how Professor JSN Drew
If only the word would listen, Not only could we safe the world this way but farmers could safe millions on feed by breeding their own fly's for animal feed Keep up the good work.
I did not read this book. But I want to read if If I get it.
This book opened my eyes to a whole new world.
Very Educating
An eye opener.
Fly to the Future!
This is future. Making protein of high quality from Waste.
Good book on animal feeding and environmental protection protection made easy.
Timely book
wonderful book, wonderful presentation for concept of flies in a circular agricultural economy, low energy, low tech, truly biological cycle. Much luck in getting public acceptance for this fly-based system!
A unique concept to increase the amount of protein available for food and feed. Potentially world changing.
Vital information on sustainable future protein source to feed the world in the era of climate change
Fantastic potential - as an Australian I love the idea that the fly can actually have a commercial application.
I think this book shows an interesting way to help get on a sustainable track
Excellent read which really makes you think!
Brilliant read and makes one look at the fly in a whole different light. This is the future , and we need to embrace it . Paul
The best thing in a 100 years
Very intresting
The best of luck to all of you. Regards Mark Fysh and all of us at Riverside Piggeries
A delightful and engaging discourse, written about the kind of courageous future we can choose to inherit by supporting these innovative and unusual entrepreneurs. Jason Drew is one of my personal heroes and his relationship with the fly tickles my sense of wonderment.
A good start to sustainability, however, not the only option available.
The future!
Great reading, I am converted. Gerhard Gous
This is a fantastic book. I learned so much about the humble fly. To learn that the fly can help save our planet. The is no Planet B
FAbulous concept addressing imaginatively one of the worls's big problems
Loved the book, but I still hate flies! my instinct is to swat or electrocute them on site :-)
Who knew? Fascinating read on every level
Fantastic book from a great entrepreneurial spirit. Excellent example of break-through thinking and innovation.
An enlightening read on the importance of flies within this interdependent planet. A fascinating read.