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The Time in Between
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The Time in Between

Subtitle A memoir of hunger and hope
By Nancy Tucker
Published by Icon Books
ISBN 9781848318304
Category biography, self-help
Spring 2015 (1st March - 14th May


When Nancy was eight she had to write what she wanted in life. She wrote: ‘I want to be thin.’ Over the years, she developed anorexia, and was hospitalised. She went in to therapy; ebbed in and out of life; hers has been a life held in thrall by food.

Author's Biography

Nancy Tucker is a 20-year-old author and nanny. She suffered from both anorexia and bulimia nervosa throughout her teens, but is now on the road to recovery and has gained a place at Oxford to study Experimental Psychology in 2015. She lives in London.


Price £12.99

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Reader Comments

Frank, brutally honest and beautifully written.
A very moving, honest, insightful and personal account of a young woman's life.
Brilliantly written account of a terrible illness, so honest and raw. An invaluable insight for family and friends of sufferers. A stunning achievement by young Nancy Tucker.
Absolutely fantastic, inspiring read
An outstanding book. THE TIME IN BETWEEN will be a source of support to anyone who has had to contend with an eating disorder. It is an honest, and thus at time harrowing account, of Nancy Tucker's illness and yet her eloquent, witty prose make it a palatable read. A definite winner for the People's Book Prize. (Incidentally, this is Nancy's first book which she wrote when she was 18 years old
Truly stunning new literary voice.
One of the most beautifully honest books I've ever read.
Fantastic and frank account of a much misunderstood illness. Moving and witty at once and beautifully written from start to finish.
Heartbreaking and compelling. Nancy Tucker is a hugely talented writer.
Wonderfully written, with clear honesty.
An amazing insight in to a horrible illness. Beautifully written.
I was totally enthralled by Nancy's candid and beautifully crafted book. I could not bear to put it down. I wanted to get to the end, only to make sure that she was eventually ok
Superbly written, and gripping. A report of grim hopelessness experienced by family and professionals who attempt to help the sufferer, but written with subtle dry humour and honesty. Fascinating insight into the "reality" for the anorexic and the contrasting reality for family, friends and professionals.
A brilliantly written memoir from such a young talented writer. Her courage to write about her experience is truly inspirational, and will be invaluable to everyone whose lives are touched by anorexia and bulimia nervosa.
A very brave and valuable book.It is also extremely readable and despite the harrowing subject,, even amusing in places.
Fantastically well written and very moving - couldn't put it down
Absolutely inspirational. Everything may not have a place but this book deserves a place on everyone's book shelf.
A truly incredible and powerful memoir.
Shockingly honest, analytical and informative, brilliantly written with a dry, wry humour. Couldn't put it down..
Amazing amazing read - could not put it down. Nancy is a gorgeous writer and an excellent role model - she really deserves to win!
Brilliant and valuable
Completely moved by Nancy's effervescent writing style, her strength of character, her honesty and brutal approach to eating disorders. She hides nothing, and as you read you feel you can't hide anything from her either.