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A Woman Named Coral
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A Woman Named Coral

By Jane Huxley
Published by Delancey Press
ISBN 9781907205231
Category Romance
Autumn 2014


Huxley’s remarkable new novel tells the story of a tumultuous love affair between a man and a woman whose lives become entangled in an enthralling, yet dangerously complicated way.

A deeply moving tale of love, desire, rape, loyalty and betrayal.  

Author's Biography

Huxley lives and works in New York, London, and the South of France.  She is married to an American
physician and has two daughters.  Recognised as a “clever and ingenious novelist” (Beryl Bainbridge), “compelling writer” (Simon Cowell), her work  is compared to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s (Daily Express).  The film based on her novel Summer Night, Winter Moon is in pre-production.


"Evocative and highly engaging". Paul Blezard, Former Literary Editor, THE LADY
Price £11.99

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Reader Comments

Jane's writing style rattles along through the story, keeping you turning the pages. She invites us into the intriguing aspirational world of the high classes and lays bare that no matter what standing in society, we're all beholden to our basic human desires and the joys and jealousies that they arouse. The characters' emotions are both raw and romantic and she writes with an honesty to human eroticism.
A beautifully written love story that you won't want to put down.
Love it. Vibrant.
Beautiful cover and a gripping story.
Interesting book, keeps your interested with all the twist and turns.
Beautifully written story of love and infidelity. Love triangle and living with harsh ordeals, moving story that brings tears to one’s eyes.
Jane is brilliant!
Coral was a lovely companion on my trip from Heathrow to Rome last week! but was SO moving, I arrived in floods of tears !!!
This book is a very interesting and unqice in its own ways . Also very exciting to read.
Huxley's other titles are the best companion to have on a train or plane. The trip is made enjoyable and so much faster. So look forward to this new one.