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The Snowdrop Garden
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The Snowdrop Garden

By Martin Baxendale
ISBN 9780955050091
Category Humour
Autumn 2014


A romantic comedy set in the enchanting, eccentric world of snowdrop growers. Can young Ben, a keen snowdrop collector, help save Lady C’s family home from the builder's bulldozer?
Enter Ben's Slovak environmental-warrior wife, Katka, Bulgarian gangsters in the shrubbery and Russians in the front drive.

Author's Biography

Martin Baxendale has been a cartoonist and writer for the last 25 years. The Snowdrop Garden is his first novel.


Price £7.99

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Reader Comments

I really enjoyed reading this book. Very humorous written.
Love this book . A very funny look into the madness that is snowdrop collecting .
Great read, lots of laughs
Fantastically well written rom-com
A marvelous read.
A refreshingly humorous look at the phenomenon that is "galanthophila" woven around a dramatic story - who says plant geeks can't be fun? Martin Baxendale writes well and engagingly.
Superb read!