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Almost Invincible
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Almost Invincible

By Suzanne Burdon
Published by Criteria Publishing
ISBN 9780992354008
Category Historical
Autumn 2014


A remarkable fictional account of the life of Mary Shelley beginning at 18 when she wrote her most famous novel, Frankenstein. The book whilst factually based, beautifully imagines the emotions, conversations, and some of the mysteries surrounding Mary Shelley’s life.

Author's Biography

Social researcher, academic and author Suzanne Burdon’s research for Almost Invincible has been extensive. She travelled to the UK, the US and Europe to maintain the authenticity of the story. Suzanne is British, and currently lives in Sydney, Australia


Suzanne Burdon has written a superb fictional account of Shelley’s life and melded real life drama with imaginings to create a gripping debut novel”. Belinda Giblin (Actor)
Price £9.99

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