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For Faughie's Sake
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For Faughie's Sake

By Laura Marney
Published by Saraband
ISBN 9781908643629
Category Contemporary humour
Autumn 2014


Trixie is desperate to escape Inverfaughie. When Hollywood visits the introspective community to make a movie about the Highland Clearances, local conflicts are quick to follow. Trixie has to decide where her loyalties lie. 'For Faughie's Sake' takes a sideways approach to big business, community, land rights and the referendum.

Author's Biography

The author of five novels and numerous short stories and plays, Laura Marney is a member of the Glasgow G7 group of writers. She is a Creative Writing Tutor on the MLitt course at Glasgow University.


'Highland Fling Trix All The Boxes: Treat yourself to a few biting, funny, intoxicating days in Laura Marney s irrepressible Highland bolthole.' - Shari Low, The Daily Record

'This brilliant sequel [is] hilarious... Blunt, honest and perceptive.' - The Skinny

'An enjoyable read...very readable and engaging.' - The Glasgow Women's Library
Price £8.99

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Reader Comments

A winning, witty book from Laura Marney! Fantastic.
A great read--interesting and complex characters, well-paced plot, and just the right balance of humor and pathos. Although it has a cracking plot, the characters, and their interactions with one another, always come first--and are drawn with realism and sensitivity. The novel deals with serious issues, but doesn't take itself too seriously. I read it in one sitting; you can't get better than that.
Brilliant book!!! Highly recommend!!!
I love Laura's books she deserves to win, a very funny lady with a great sense of fun.
Funny, witty, well written and great characters, I loved reading this book
I absolutely loved it
Fanfaughietastic! Laura Marney is a wonderful writer, superb book!
A well written follow up to ..No wonder I take a drink.
Firmly on the pulse of contemporary Scottish culture as always, Laura takes us on another hilarious journey - brilliant!
a really wonderful book,strongly recommended!
Great book, very perceptive and humorous look at Scotland in microcosm.
Brill book..... funny....satisfying..... great for a cosy night in!
great book loved it and laughed all the way through. Roll on the next Laura Marney book.
A wonderful book, great characters, funny, thought provoking and enjoyable.
All of Laura Marney's books are pure dead brilliant! Sparky, funny, heart-breaking, heart-warming, shocking and up-lifting.
Laura Marney deserves to win- an absolute hoot of a book!
A romping good read; hilarious at times, poignant at others and made more interesting in light of the Scottish Referendum result.
This was a fantastic read and I have recommended it to all my friends!
Fantastic book - brilliantly paced, fun read with a serious tinge
Love this book. A cracking good read!
Another brilliant read from Marney. Enjoyed every page.
Loved every moment reading this book. Total winner :)
Laura Marney IS the peoples writer She gets my vote!
Laura Marney is a wonderful writer.
Genius comedy. I laughed til i cried but i was also moved. Marney is one of the Scottish greats.
A joy; sly, subtle, and great fun.
Typical Marney humour. Gritty and realistic. Read it for yourself. You will be glad that you did.
Great book! Full of passion, thought, humor and heart.
Brilliant ready. Engrossing and highly enjoyable
not be disappointed by the sequel to "No Wonder I Take A Drink". It sooks you in with the promise of more Trixie, has you laughing out loud at her antics then wallops you over the head as you go on a journey around Scotland made small. If you can't find yourself in there you aren't looking hard enough. I loved it pre Indy. Post Indy I need to read it again to make sense of it all.
Very funny but also insightful and thought-provoking. Marney uses humour to great effect in this page-turner.
A light hearted tale with a large seam of truth running through it's core. This story not only made me laugh but also reflect on the antics and emotions which occur when a community tries to decide what's best for it's future. A comical cocktail of personal lives, heritage and future ambitions exposing a fascinating mix which is closer to real life than we may care to admit.
A fictitious journey charting some real experiences. And funny on many occasions
always surprising!
This is a very well-edited book.
Great sequel and a brilliant stand-alone novel. Perfectly times to embrace the political situation of 2014 Scottish politics - but adding a brilliant humorous twist.
A book that uses humour to make some very important points about individual participation in decision making. It is easy to read but leaves you thinking about a whole lot of current issues in Scottish politics. A brilliant read.
A rollicking great prance aboot the Highlands. A rerr terr!
This reminds me so much of a real life Highland community I know well. Slightly dysfunctional and very funny.
I love this book - very funny and topical
A cleverly witty and timely portrayal of small town mentalities and the bigger issues at hand.