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Children's Poetry Volume 2
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Children's Poetry Volume 2

Subtitle An Invitation That Captured The Primary School Nation
By UK Children
ISBN 978-0-9572552-4-1
Autumn 2014


Christina Gabbitas, wanted a writing initiative that children of all abilities could take part in, with the chance of having their work published. The children were given the topics of Food or Creatures. A selection of the poems have been published to help encourage and inspire other children of primary school age to read and 'have a go' at writing.

Author's Biography

There are over fifty new authors listed in this book. Selecting the poems was challenging and greatly rewarding. The imagination and effort invested by these budding poets makes their poems a pleasure to read over and over.


£1.00 from the sale of each book is being donated to Barnardos, and a thank you to Rick Lumb who donated his time illustrating.
Price £8.99

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Reader Comments

Lots of fun poems, hope the children win.
Our boys really like the poems in this book. Hope this helps to inspire more children.
A deserved winner. Good luck to all the children.
Brilliant work, all around! Reading this book puts a big smile on my face. The authors have done an fantastic job and the illustrations are full of fun!
My sons poem 'One Day' is featured in the book, and he is really happy , to see his poem in print. Thank you, Christina for encouraging him.
We have had a lot of fun with four children, reading these poems. Our favourites are Dino Diets and Cute Chicken. Well done to all the children
Earthworm poem is my favourite and a great illustration too. Good luck.
Anything to do with chocolate gets my vote. We enjoyed all the poems.
Thank you for giving my son the opportunity, this has been great for his self esteem and his first published work.
Brilliant idea, great work
I bought this book for a friend who worked in a Montessori School. The children love the poems, and are inspired. Good luck to all the children who have been busy writing.
These poems are great for my boys. Our favourite is Flamingo Friday
I enjoyed drawing the picture for the front cover last year. The cover looks great and some of the poems made me laugh.
This has made a great present for my grandson, it was good to meet you in WHSmith Guildford. I'm sure you have made a lot of children happy, giving them an opportunity.
I enjoyed being a judge and reading some interesting poems about food.
My sons poem was in the first book, this is another great collection.
You are such an inspiration, giving all these children a great opportunity. My girls love the poems.
I love the winning poem, The Earth Worm. Good Luck
Brilliant collection of poems from the children once again. Good luck to all :)
We love this book, my daughter loves reading rhyme.
My daughter both love this book with some lovely illustrations too. Good luck, to all the children.
My son loved the first poetry book. It really has made a difference to his reading. Thank you, Christina, for your dedication.
Great poems and illustrations
Lovely book
It's wonderful to be able to vote for all these new children's authors, who are having their work showcased. I think we will definitely see more of them in the future. Congratulations.