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Brian Has Dyslexia
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Brian Has Dyslexia

Subtitle A Dr Spot Casebook
By Jenny Leigh
Published by Haldane Mason
ISBN 9781905339860
Category 4 yrs - 7 yrs Fully illustrated
Autumn 2014


Brian has Dyslexia is a reassuring story for 4-7 year olds about a bright young bear who keeps getting his words muddled up. Brian thinks it’s because he’s stupid, but Dr Spot explains it’s just because he has something called dyslexia and he most certainly is not stupid.

Author's Biography

Jenny Leigh combines writing with work in healthcare communications. She believes stories have a powerful role to play in helping children cope with illnesses and difficult personal and social issues.


Price £5.99

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Reader Comments

Superb book.
A delightful story that really explains the challenges of dyslexia in a way that young children can connect to