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Pillow People
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Pillow People

By Annie Sullivan
Published by Patrick Hawkins
ISBN 9780992839109
Category 2 yrs - 6 yrs Fully illustrated
Autumn 2014


Pillow People is a magical, vividly illustrated, rhyming bedtime story to encourage young children to cherish sleeping and the dreams that the Pillow People will reward them with.

Author's Biography

Pillow People occurred to Annie Sullivan in the form of a short poem while she was travelling in Europe.
As a singer and songwriter, Annie sometimes shares her songs with friends. One night, illustrator Patrick Hawkins was lucky enough to be there. Together they developed the idea.


Beautiful use of colour makes this a soothing and absorbing bedtime read for little people. Books Monthly
Price £5.99

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Reader Comments

A lovey bedtime book, beautifully written and great colorful illustrations, Its now the new favorite bedtime story.
Amazing Story, Love IT
A really lovely book
Absolutely charming.
Lovely, lovely, lovely!
My son absolutely loved it :)
An absolute favourite!
excellent night time reading for my daughter
So cute! I have bought a second copy for my goddaughter!
Well, being Annie's Dad, I suppose that I'm slightly biased but I still wish I'd had a copy of this book when her brothers were young; it would have been a great help at bedtime.
Adorable characters, very enjoyable.
Will buy for grandson, love the illustrations also
Great illustrations
Fantastic book with beautiful illustrations.
Beautifully illustrated book, dealing with that age old problem of bed time and a good night's sleep.
Great story, great pictures
Amazing book that I've had read to me by anniefor years. Always magical whatever the age!
My daughter and I love reading this book before bedtime. It's fun, magical and comforting all in one. It has helped me keep my daughter in her own room and bed reassuring her of the special pillow people are there for her and it ultimately gives everyone in my home a good night sleep! It's more that just a beautiful story...every household needs a copy! Love it!
Helps me sleep on those restless nights, and I'm only 45...
I night time route fav for my 4 and 1 year old
Amazing book so well written and illustrated.
Lovely bedtime story book, beautifully written and illustrated. A pleasure to read
Love it!
I wish this book was available when my children and grandchildren were small. My grandchildre are teenagers now, but think it's a great story and have it for when their younger cousins come to stay.
This is my 2 year old daughters favourite book and has been since she was 1, my 9 and 11 year old niece loved it so much when they came to visit we gave them Lily's book and bought another one! It's such a beautiful bedtime story.
This book has been written with such great imagination, it's absolutely wonderful for a bed time story.
Love this book! All the little people in my life have a copy and it is a favourite for all of them!
My children love this book. It's a regular choice at bedtime.