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The Tale of Ava-Marie Swanson
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The Tale of Ava-Marie Swanson

By S.R Green
Published by Planta Press
ISBN 9780957332867
Category Childrens 3-8
Autumn 2014


Have you ever questioned what happens when you die? Ava- Marie Swanson is eight years old, with a life threatening illness, which affects her life and the family around her. Ava-Marie tells us her story herself -- it is hoped that her story will help bring healing to, and ease the prospect of death for, those who are facing it themselves.  A useful tool for opening a dialogue, and examining the subject of illness and death, with the inquisitive child.

Author's Biography

S.R Green is a young writer in his late twenties, and lives with his wife and two children in Staffordshire. The Tale of Ava-Marie Swanson is his first book, intended to comfort children and families in bereavement, and he is donating all of his royalties for it to the BBC Children in Need Appeal, with a percentage matched also by the publisher. There is a sequel planned for 2015, along with a YA series, by the same publisher.


James Faulkner, reviewing on Amazon UK, says: "I hope this gets picked up and added to school, hospital and support group's collections, as I really do think it would help to break the ice on a very delicate subject. S.R. Green has clearly had first hand experience of this himself and people who haven't experienced loss, may miss the finer details of such a traumatic experience and find comfort in helping other cope with their own experiences".
Price £7.99

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Reader Comments

great book on a very difficult subject and would be extremely useful in breaking news and developing understanding for children.
Great book! A big choice for children!
Wonderful book with beautiful illustrations.
beautiful story, concept and illustrations
Amazing book and also an amazing author
A very touching and original take on dealing with terminal illness through the eyes of a young child. I hope this book is utilised in schools and clinics. Best of luck!
A tender and heart warming story loved it
Beautiful illustration work and words - touching story to broach this delicate subject
The illustrations are beautiful... but the most important part of this book is the writing, it handles and difficult topic so well. I feel it's a must for any child as it's a lesson we all need to learn!
A marvellous book with astonishing illustrations
Really amazing book x
A great book that covers a very difficult subject.