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Landing On My Feet
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Landing On My Feet

Subtitle The Adventures of Poohka the Cat
By Adelaide Godwin
ISBN 9781909428232
Category Children's 8yrs +(15 illustrations)
Autumn 2014


Scooped up and dumped by a garbage truck, Spanish cat Poohka is left near dead, miles from his Sotogrande home. With the help of other animals, the plucky cat embarks on an incredible journey homeward, one that tests his wit and strength and teaches him the true meaning of friendship.

Author's Biography

Adelaide grew up in a remote Belgian village before attending finishing school and becoming a Cordon Bleu cook. She then embarked on a career for British Airways followed by a stint in the TV and Film industry. These days she writes, paints and cares for animals in Chichester.


Landing On My Feet is an enjoyable book that will appeal equally to both boys and girls, but especially to those who like animal stories. Andrea Rayner (in the School Librarian)
Price £6.99

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Reader Comments

Such a brilliant book!
Wonderful read.
Brilliant book, my daughter loves it! x
Very enjoyable.
Wonderful book
A lovely story that be read over and over again,
A great read
Grandchildren loved it - locale familiar to them! Well done Adelaide. More please.
Fantastic! My 7 year old son really enjoyed this book
Simply brilliant. A really gripping tale packed full of adventure for children and adults alike!
A delightful, exciting and imaginative adventure story for both boys and girls to enjoy.
looking forward to a sequel
A touching adventure story, with a warm love of animals and a message of tolerance and cooperation, at its heart.
Loved it.
A very special book..for both children and adults..waiting agog for next adventure.
My nieces enjoyed this book immensly
Wonderful. Need more adventures.
Great book. I really enjoyed it, lovely story.
Being an animal lover, i simply loved the lovely and tenderness of the story..wonderful....
A lovely story that captured the hearts of both my son and daughter. We can't wait for another adventure from Poohka the Cat.
I really enjoyed reading about Poohkas adventures and I am looking forward to a sequel!
A joy to read for all animal lovers.
A charming story with lots of adventure.
Excellent book. Really enjoyed the story of Pooka the cat and his adventures in Southern Spain. My two boys thought it was a really sweet story, and well written from the perspective of a cat living in sunny Spain. Great idea. Look forward to reading Adelaide Godwin's follow up story!
A lovely story and one which will make children want to read to the very end. Let's hope Adelaide has another book in the pipeline.
A wonderful read and lovely heartwarming tale.
Pure magic!
I enjoyed the book. I look forward to the sequel.
Adelaide Godwin is an amazing writer, she is able to capture the story to keep children spell bound. This book is beautifully written and is a great addition to any child's book shelf. I can not wait for her next one. This lady has real talent-----well done.
Great Book. Would be even greater to have more adventures.
Great adventure book for cats...and humans.
Charming fantasy, but with a nice flavour of Spain
....a very well written book that will appeal not only to a childs enquiring mind but , I suspect , also to the parents. It would be a great pity if POOKHAS adventures did not continue...we cannot wait get writing Adelaide !
Edge-of-your-seat adventure for boys and girls. Really enjoyable stuff!
I love this book because I actually know Poohka and cared from him in my Cattery in Spain. He is a very special cat and the story that Adelaide tells shows what an exceptional, inspirational cat he is.
Lovely story.
A truly wonderful experience. My grandchildren are thoroughly enjoying it. I only hope that there will be a sequel!for me too!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this delightful book. A journey of endurance made possible with the support and encouragement of some unlikely characters. I finished the book with a tear in my eye.
This book has all the elements that a children's book should have, fun, laughter, and an element of sadness. Excellent book, great value, and a great stocking filler at Christmas. Very well written and excellent illustrations;I have to admit despite being an adult, I still could not put it down. Hope we see more stories from this excellent author.
Lovely adventure tale of Poohka the cat meeting all sorts of unusual characters whilst finding his way back to his lost home. As a bonus the book has some great black & white illustrations dotted throughout too. Not just a book for children either, I think I was more captivated than my kids, all round great first chapter book from Adelaide Godwin.