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Beyond My Control
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Beyond My Control

Subtitle Why the health and social care system need not have failed my mother
By Suzan Collins
ISBN 9781781610282
Category health
Autumn 2014


Suzan Collins, with over 30 years' experience of managing and teaching best practice in health and social care, shares the horrifying story of her own mother's inhumane - and ultimately fatal - treatment by a care home and then a hospital and her relentless efforts to find out what really happened.

Author's Biography

Suzan Collins is a professional trainer and consultant in health and social care, working across the country. She also campaigns for better support for staff providing this care.


We couldn't get any newspapers or magazines to cover this book - they all felt if was a bit risky. There are lots of good reviews on Amazon but I don't know if you're interested in those, e.g:
Having experienced a similar situation of poor care for a family member, I can’t thank Suzan enough for her book. She describes just how I felt. P R Humphrey
Price £12.99

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Reader Comments

Good Luck
Insightful, interesting, inspiring. A good read and useful reference to the care system.
Anyone who reads Suzan's book can relate to what her mother went through. In our caring / sharing society things like this should never happen... but as Suzan so expertly shows, they still happen all too often. Suzan tells her story from personal experience, as well as being a career acare trainer.
A very well written, huge valued work of Suzan Collins.
Gives an insight into how our society has slid into accepting lack of compassion and even abuse within the care sector. Very helpful for those who have loved ones being cared for and for those working in the care sector.
This book is written from the heart. Its sad and informative at the same time and is an educational read for anyone working in the care sector. It deserves all the prizes possible!
Easy to read, subject matter unfortunately true and its not uncommon - I would like to believe this book is read by all in the care service and the issues faced and those who should not be in care dismissed - basic human compassion sensitivity and understanding must be at centre of person centred care whatever the care service, nursing, social care… Suzan is a great advocate for this. An insight into the bad practices in some hospitals and some care homes - lets not tar all.
Good luck, Suzan. This book would be a worthy winner, on an important subject. Ruth x
brilliant book but sadly so true
A brilliant read, Suzan is an excellent author, not only for this book but others she has written in a field she is very passionate about, caring and social care.
A must read for anyone considering or having a relative in care
A book that I hope will make a positive difference.
This book, as sad as it is, may serve to improve the situation that other families experience. Suzan Collins is a professional who truly cares.
I am voting for this book because Suzan not only has worked hard but has shared with us about the poor care her Mother received and has made so many people more aware of what goes on.
A brilliant and compelling book, but so sad that it had to be written at all. A must read for anyone involved in health and social care.
This book is an excellent read, very sad what the family went through.
A very heart felt read !
This is a must read book for everyone!
A book that needed to be written and people told of poor care and practices that go on in the Health & Care Sector and what in her mind needs to be done to keep our love ones safe and cared for in dignified manner. Well done Suzan must have been a very difficult book to write.
Excellent insight to care homes
Brilliant book and heart rendering.