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How Have I Cheated Death?
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How Have I Cheated Death?

Subtitle A Short and Merry Life with Cystic Fibrosis
By Tim Wotton
Published by Austin Macauley
ISBN 9781849637190
Category Autobiography
Autumn 2014


A story of triumph over adversity, this compelling chronicle, the first book written by a CF sufferer at 40, offers hope and inspiration, demonstrating what cannot be cured needs to be endured.

Author's Biography

A first-time book writer, Tim is a full-time communications manager and has played field hockey all his life. His eyes and heart have been opened by his health struggle with cystic fibrosis which has been a huge factor in his life, but not one that defines it.


"Tim Wotton shares his incredible story with candid and captivating beauty. How Have I Cheated Death is the diary of his fortieth year, the symbolic life-expectency for those stalked by a largely invisible killer" - Amazon

"An amazing book.... I fully recommend it to all. Sufferers of CF / sufferers of any debilitating disease and all that passed through life enjoying Tim's company and outlook on life..... whist knowing very little of a condition that was kept so well hidden" - Amazon

"Tim is a thoroughly engaging character whose passion comes out in everything he does and the book highlights that beautifully. The journey to 40 was a tough one and the ability to talk about it in such a frank manner is really engaging. I hope many people can draw inspiration from this book!" - Amazon

"Having always followed Tim's blog I was looking forward to reading his book. It certainly lived up to my expectations. It was an incredibly honest and inspiring read. Tim's casual style of writing and the way he has opened up his heart onto the pages of his book is admirable. I think this book will provoke people (with and without experiences of CF) to think about life and all of the ups and downs that people face" - Amazon

"The success of this book will help anyone with a life affecting illness to realise that anything is possible & they can still try to lead a normal life in extrordinary circumstances" - Tim Wotton

"Tim's book is a wonderfully heart-warming and honest account of someone who has to deal with ordinary family life under extraordinary circumstances. It is testament to Tim's positive outlook, as he puts it, his 'glass half full' attitude that he has managed to achieve so much in his life so far despite his illness". - Amazon

"This brilliantly written book is a compulsive read. I struggled to put it down from the very first page. Tim's honesty and openness drew me deep into his personal journey and created the sense that I knew him intimately." - Amazon

"An eye opener for anyone who doesn't know much about CF. I have a grandson with CF and I want all my family and friends to read Tim's book" - Amazon

"An episodic tale that could have been quite depressing is instead an inspiring guide on how to live well. My heart was gladdened through encountering this book. Recommended." - Amazon

"This book puts in the shade everything else I have ever read, and it puts into perspective any problems you may feel are blighting your own life. Beautifully written in concise chapters, this book is a history of a very courageous man who has to face a gravely debilitating and life-shortening disease every single day of his life and yet still preserves a sense of humour" - Amazon

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Reader Comments

I love this story Tim, i would really like to read this properly, since i am a young girl with Cystic fibrosis and i understand the pain of having it, me,you and other cf sufferers are different to the world because we suffer pain more than normal humans who have no illness, i would really like to read the book.
An inspirational book written by a great ambassador for people with cystic fibrosis .
Fantastic and inspiring book
As a father who lost a son to this horrible disease, I find Tim's book truly inspiring to other sufferers and their families / friends. Well-deserving of this wonderful prize. Thank you for sharing your story with us Tim...
Inspirational read! Thank you for sharing your story Tim.
I have a granddaughter with a double disability so I found this journal most heartening
Very enlightening
A fabulous and heartwarming read from a fantastic role model on how to live life
This book truly deserves to win. So inspirational and already making such a huge difference to so many lives. Bringing hope, comfort, support and inspiration to people with CF and to their family and friends. We all need an awareness of this and Tim's honest, clear and articulate writing should be recognized.
Excellent book, delightfully written and very inspiring!
Tim's book is deeply inspiring and a good read too.
Tim to win
A surprisingly uplifting book. Tim is a beautiful writer.
I loved hearing Tim's voice as I read his powerful and inspirational book. Tim has many gifts and we are so lucky that he shared them with us through his book. May we all cherish each day and live life with our cup half full. Thank you Tim!!!
No ordinary story from an essentially 'ordinary' man - though of course, his story is extraordinary and nothing IS ordinary about this inspirational man.
Such an inspiration
A highly HIGHLY recommended read! Tim's a true inspiration!
amazing courage, well done
I've known Tim for nearly 20 years and he is one of the bravest persons I know. To write so eloquently about a condition, most of us could not even imagine living with, speaks volumes about this man. Truly, an inspiration!
Great read - well done Tim.
An awesome an inspirational read.
Well done Tim - your writing offers great insight and inspiration. I hope your book gets the recognition it deserves Very best wishes Carol
A truly inspiring book that leaves you in awe at what Tim has managed to achieve. Tim's positivity in the face of such adversity is incredible and a lesson to us all.
Very highly recommended
Well done, Tim!
Great read!
Engaging and honest account of living with CF. This book should be read by everyone to show how it is possible to live with a serious medical condition and maintain a positive outlook on life. We can all learn from Tim and his family.
Love the optimism and humor despite the challenges of living with CF.
Inspirational !
An excellent book !
Well written, highly personal and down to earth. Puts things into perspective. ..
An amazing book.Its really a must read.I will add it to my favorite books list.
Praying for you to still be around in another 10 years to write an update.
As a person suffering with this illness I know its a good depiction of what its like living with this illness and tring to live a normal life.
A great read. I loved it. He is very brave to open up to all of us so we can understand life truly as a CF sufferer. Thank you for sharing Timmy.
Tim is such an inspiration, I think everyone should read this book. Whether you have CF or are facing other life challenges, Tim's outlook and experiences will help you to deal with things. It's beautifully written too.
You fully deserve all this positive recognition, especially as this is your first book.Good luck, twin brother!
Thank you so much for this book. My grandson who is almost 6 also has CF. I'm sure this book will be an inspiration for him.
Well done Tim
So so heartwarming, cannot imagine living with such a disease on a daily basis but Tim appears to deal with it with courage and humour. A very necessary book for the many people out there who have no idea about the ravages of CF. Well done!
Awesome book and life story Tim. Cheated death? Outplayed it more like.
Awesome book. I'm awed by the strength that Tim has to keep his internal light lit every day. I learned so much about CF from this honest and life-affirming story.
A great read and a wonderful bloke!
A very inspiring and thought provoking book
It is just amazing!!
Tim's book was a real lesson in determination, bravery and resilience!
Tim's book is an honest, no holds barred description of the many issues connecting with living with cystic fibrosis. Although it includes information on all the technical aspects of cystic fibrosis-the symptoms, the treatments, etc., it is more about relationships, attitudes, coping strategies, with a good yarn or two, laughter, and most of all, love. Tim has chosen to tell his story, while many others chose, at vulnerable times in their lives, to keep silent. So he speaks for them, too, in their daily struggle.Hopefully he will increase understanding . Tim, my two sons, (one deceased, one Tim's age,) and many others are the most courageous people I know, with so much to give to the world.
Amazing insight into the life of an amazing man!
Inspiring read fellow phantom ....Ginge
Truly inspirational!!! Well done Tim & good luck.
An amazing first book which makes you think, cry and laugh out loud. A very talented writer.
Fantastic life with a wonderful family support at all times .
Tim is to me what everyone in this life needs - a true friend - and ironically the CF has made him live life to the full. He never once let his CF effect his life in the negative but instead illuminated his own life to an extent that lit up everyone else around him. To see him go on and to marry and to have family is frankly a wonderful minor miracle. Credit must also go to his mum, dad and wife too. Honest, direct, witty and delivered with integrity - this is a must read and I hope more is to come.
The compelling tale of a life less ordinary, lived to the full, from a blossoming author, late to writing, but not too late. I look forward to the next installment with great anticipation.
very good book, interesting topic.
Good Luck!
From blog to book - graet read - highly recommended
go bro!
a worthy winner from mum
Well done, Tim, and good luck!
Have not got around to reading this book yet but i can assure you i will. Cystic fibrosis is very dear too me and anything or anyone that makes people aware of this disease is a winner and very close to my heart!! Tim
Courage, dedication and application. I love this book!
Having read the book, I am now aware how superficial my knowledge was regarding the constant, arduous battle of living with cystic fibrosis. I have such admiration for the author in his ability to retain his sense of humour in the face of such adversity.
This is an inspirational book fio all.
Excellent read!
A wonderful book.
Tim is an incredible human testament of what can be achieved through pure perseverance and the will power to endure through all odds.
Great read. Interesting to see from his perspective and very emotive.
Extremely readable, and an extraordinarily good first-book from this author.
Truly inspirational and beautifully written
Tim's great sense of humor shines bright in his book.
Super Tim!! Warmest best wishes
This book combines humour, sensitivity and humility. I cried laughed and felt humble as I turned the pages. It is a book that impacts ones life and is a MUST read. Very grounding. I feel a better person for knowing about CF.
A book that will make you laugh and cry and will make your own problems seem insignificant. Excellently written and deeply moving, A must read for everyone, not just those suffering from CF.
A wonderful tale of triumph, battle, faith and love, told with passion and humour, from a man who never gives up.
A truly inspiring, brave and deeply moving work. In a time when such words are too lightly bandied about, this is the real deal.
Fantastic and liberating read for those with CF. A true insight to understanding CF.
Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.
This book is a shining light and should be read by as many people as possible
Tim's account is an honest yet entertaining memoir of bravely living with a condition that was supposed to defeat him years ago. Thank you for this inspiring reminder that every day is precious, whatever life throws at you, and good luck with The People's Book Prize!
A beautifully written book showing what it is like to live with a condition that most people know very little about and demonstrating Tim's ability to grab life's opportunities
I didn't even know Tim could write.WOW
An excellent book detailing Tim's extraordinary achievements.
Life lessons for everyone in this book. Tim's incredible vitality is infectious. Very deserving of the People's Book Prize.
A wonderful book, with a central message for everyone regardless of whether we live with the added burden of a life threatening health condition (or two)...memento morn as the Romans used to say...remember death. CF has taught Tim that one needs to find meaning in one's life and that it will not last for ever. Too many of us blind ourselves to the fact that we will die and accordingly our lives lose the rich meaning we could have. Tim reminds us that to live in the knowledge that death is not too far away is to live the fullest of lives. An antidote to the worst aspects of modern society.
An exceptionally brilliant read that reflects an exceptionally brilliant life
Truly inspirational!
Go Timmy
Wonderful to read about how CF treatments have improve so there are people Tim to share their story.
Tim's story is not only motivational, he's an inspiration and proof that such resilience could help us all.
A unique and frank insight into this awful illness and the authors amazing resilience in the face of adversity.
Read it twice. Wonderful book.
Top bloke, top book!
A truly inspirational story and some fantastic life lessons for anyone
A book brimming with life-affirming optimism that shows how Tim has managed to deal with cystic fibrosis on a daily basis. A must read for CF sufferers and also for people suffering from other long-term conditions.
A great inspirational guy that gives us all hope to live our life's to maximum everyday.
A truly inspiring book.
Changes the way you view your own life. You'll cry, laugh, feel guilty, humbled, elated... and ultimately utterly grateful for the life you have.
Great Inspiration
Great, but challenging read. Really brings home the day to day struggles of living with CF and what determined and special people CF sufferers are.
Good luck!!
Tim writes with honesty and a dark humour that gives a deep insight into the life of someone with cystic fibrosis. A great and enlightening read.