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Zak has ADHD
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Zak has ADHD

Subtitle A Dr Spot Casebook
By Jenny Leigh
Published by Haldane Mason
ISBN 9781905339822
Summer 2014


Poor Zak is naughty, rude and unpopular but just wants to be like the other children. Doctor Spot finds he has ADHD. Soon Zak is winning gold stars for good behaviour. 
Dr Spot’s Casebooks are designed to help children understand and cope with a range of common illnesses and conditions. 

Author's Biography

Jenny Leigh combines writing with work in healthcare communications. She believes stories have a powerful role to play in helping children cope with illnesses and difficult personal and social issues.


This is a delightfully written and colourful book aimed at children with ADHD to help them understand a bit more about the condition.

Price £5.99

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Reader Comments

What a delight to find a children's book that deals with a complex subject with such clever simplicity and and humour.
Wonderful way the (potentially difficult and threatening) health message is conveyed in a simple, visual and engaging way.
All the titles in this series are great!
Very clever and useful idea.
A good book for educating about ADHD in a simple way
Delightful to read out loud or just read for ones self!
A really positive approach that will help the child feel included in life.
Who can't resist a clover sandwich!!! Not me either. Good little Zak.
This is a great little book that works on several levels - as a fun storybook, as an educational piece that explains a complicated condition in very simple terms, and with an advice section for adults. Love the illustrations too!
Brilliant book-wonderful illustrations