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The Reward Society
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The Reward Society

By Dr Tom Manion
ISBN 9780953441532
Summer 2014


The Reward Society raises some uncomfortable truths about our Welfare State and explores how can we break this cycle and improve productivity in our nation

Author's Biography

Tom is a Distinguished Professional Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


A man with vision and the ability to make it happen… Simon Weston OBE

Price: £9.99

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Reader Comments

Great book
So amazing
I loved this book, changed my life
Award-winning read
Great read
excellent read
A very thought-provoking read, which all policy-makers should take note of.
Could not put it down
A very interesting read, eye opener!
Great ideas from one of the sectors thinkers and innovators
A daring and essential insight into the society we're in.
Great work Tom and good to know someone cares about the bigger socio economic impact to local communities of our welfare state system
Excellent book, very inspirational.
Fantastic read
Thought-provoking isn't enough. It's what you decide to do with those thoughts that count. This book opens doors - it's up to the reader to enter...
Congratulations, Tom
Great read...common sense through and through!
I like the way this book tries to draw attention taking responsibility is as important as expecting rights.
Excellent observations and truthful 'tell it like it is' approach. Definitely worth a read.
Brilliantly written - excellent insight - well worth a read. A curiously diverse view on the inside of social housing and much more!
A must to read I am sure.
A very good read
Practical solutions from someone who has walked the job and put the theory into practice, recommended reading and a writing style that keeps your attention form page 1 to the end.
a breath of fresh air and good common sense in a world full of the opposite
Great book
Very thought provoking, hope we get to see the issues raised and challenged with proposals from the book. Definitely has my vote :)
Very interesting read - thought provoking.
I’m not normally much of a book reader but I found this book really interesting and I could not put it down, very insightful and innovative in its message to reward positive behaviour.
Great read. very insightful.
good book
A great read
Great read
Thought-provoking ideas from a left-field practitioner
Dr. Manion writes from experience - a great track record of putting theory into practice.
What an inspirational book. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Thank you. Phyllis Shaw.
The Reward Society is an interesting read and brings out how common sense can go a long way in achieving fantastic results. Even though the book touches on serious issues Dr Manion still managed to put humour in his writing which was refreshing and made the book more enjoyable. Chapter 6 is particularly interesting on how to manage and motivate people. This could be translated into all workplaces. Many of the benefits hep to protect the health and wellbeing of people, whilst at the same time making people feel valued and looked after.If everybody put as much effort, determination and enthusiasm into creating a happier society as Dr Manion does then we’d all be living in a better place! Well done for taking the time and effort to write this book – it’s fantastic and well worthy of an award.