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Good Food Good Health
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Good Food Good Health

By Fatima Patel
Published by Mediscript Ltd
ISBN 9780955166945
Category Health and Nutrition
Summer 2014


Good Food Good Health provides a selection of easy-to-prepare recipes, nutritionally analysed. Using the Food Standards Agency guidelines each recipe is coded red, amber or green. This book will introduce simple recipes with new flavours in a healthy way.

Author's Biography

Fatima Patel lives and works in London. She has a background in medical/health literature.


The uniqueness is in the traffic light coding. The book has the expertise of two dieticians. I put this in my top 10. 
Diabetes UK 
If you are looking for a simple cookbook to inspire healthier cooking then look no further than this. Heart UK 
Price: £18.00

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Reader Comments

One of the best cook books we own
Great recipes, healthy and easy to follow
Good luck Fatima!
Fab book easy to follow great for everyone to kick start an healthy diet with lovely recipes.
Marvellous book - would recommend 100% for people wishing to make the change to eat more healthily and prolong their lives.
Great concept
Highly recommended
A simple, yet elegant way to present exciting culinary delights! A must read!
Best Book Ever!
A wonderfully easy way to stay on top of a healthy diet.
A phenomenally clear book with delicious recipes for great tasting meals.
A very healthy way of eating. Great and easy to follow recepies. Highly recommended.
useful and healthy recipes
let us bring back good healthy home cooking to improve the health of the nation.
fantastic recipes & easy to follow
Great recipes, easy instructions...proving it is easy to eat healthily!
Colorful Illlustrations Easy to read and follow Loved the fact the author used these receipes on her own family, so each one has a story. Have used this book during the summer with the kids, which has resulted in plenty of healthy eating and I've lost a few pounds!! Stays in on my kitchen table on a permanent basis now.
Beautiful photos and wonderfully healthy, delicious, and simple recipes. Definitely a winner!
Such inviting and delicious recipes, easy to follow and informative. Highly recommended.
Very useful and great for those trying to live a healthy lifestyle.
simple and easy to follow recipes for anyone interested in good wholesome food.
Easy no-nonsence honest cooking!
Delicious recipes.
good simple easy to follow book
Fantastic book with delicious dishes and recipes.
a very appetising way of eating healthily,the price of the book should be less to encourage more to buy it
Wonderful book with delicious, healthy recipes. Highly recommended.
Great book!
Great recipes Clear and easy to follow
Highly recommended - delicious menus and the nutritional information is a real bonus.
very good
Delicious recipes, beautifully presented - definitely a winner!
One of the best cookery books I've seen in a while. No fuss, just straight forward, delicious, healthy recipes. Incredibly impressed with the finished product as well.
Lovely book with delicious recipes, well laid out and easy to understand, useful, nutritional information. Highly recommend.
One of the most helpful and useful cookery books out there. Knowledge of health and nutrition is expertly displayed, and the recipes are delicious and work very well. Brilliant.