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Think Like A Hero
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Think Like A Hero

By Dave Maclean
ISBN 978190552533
Summer 2014


Think Like a Hero, the sequel to Dogs Are Daft, continues the adventures of young cat Dylan. In this tale we encounter old friends and meet new faces. Together, this lively and eccentric group play football, fend off bullies, put on shows, and of course, eat heartily.

Author's Biography

Dave Maclean was brought up in Scotland where he learned the art of storytelling from his grandfather. The author has spent the last twenty years of his life working with children as well as teaching for the Open University. He currently lives between the north of England and France


Price: £7.99

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Reader Comments

special book, loved by my 10 year old nephew.
Je t'ai rencontré avant ton héros Dylan, j'espère qu'il te ressemble !
Funny and smart - exactly the right sort of book for a kid with imagination.
Well done, Dave. Tina Lampman
Educational, humorous, with great adventures and poignant lessons. An uplifting and enjoyable read.
Really like this "Lamson"! You must have had a great source of inspiration!
Great book very enjoyable
Hit the North !!!!!!!!! XX
Skide god bog
what a charming story
Wonderful concert by the world famous and only......" TAKE CAT" :-)
What a corker, my son loved it!
Because I love it!
Very enjoyable and fun.
Exellent book
A great book!
So glad i read this book, love it !
Great imaginative story highly recommended
lovely read
really loved it, fantastic read.
Its as good as reading James Herriot. Had me laughing at all the different scenes.
thoroughly enjoyable book for adults and kids alike
Amazing writer!
Love it! :-)
Dave Maclean writes great stories for kids!
Oily Joe could work for me anyday
I really liked it when DYlan sorted out the bullies
I wish i had. Friend like Ted shes wonderful
skøn bog, som jeg nød at læse, tukkie tuck tak , Well done
Superb entertainment for young folks and adults.
Exceptional writing thoroughly enjoyed reading it to the grandchildren.
Brilliantly entertaining charming story and well worth the read.
En storslagen barnbok, underhallande och rolig!
A wonderful book for kids and animal loving adults alike
The best book that my boy has ever read. He loved the cat Omar Ricketts!! A fine story which my child has read over and over.
a wonderful read for children of ALL ages!
A really inspiring and uplifting book. Marvellous!
The cats from "Dogs are daft" is back! They still make me smile, laugh and even cry. Read it to your kids and cats, I am sure they will love it too..... And you'll learn how a cat can be a salmon :-)
Great book - will read this when not running!
Lovely to see the age old struggle between cats and dogs told so well with great humour.
A cleverly written, uplifting book with subtle realities of life added into the mix
so beautifully written with wonderful characterisation i loved how he deals with real issues like bullying and racism calmly and effectively my kids loved oldmaricketts and if all cats are like her i will be having a feline addition to the house
This book has helped children in my child contact centre with their self confidence. It is just a shame I can't vote for each and every one of them. A great little book.
Excellent book. I wish I had a cat like Old Mar Ricketts!
Great and wonderful book
Superheroes are the stuff of legend! The more of these archetyoes we can humanly relate to the more chance we have as a race! Good stuff here!
very entertaining
I loved Dogs Are Daft and this is a brilliant sequel
Both my kids love 'Dogs are Daft'. It's true, they really are, bless them. Still, they're not daft for loving it - can't wait to read this!
a really wonderful book it will have you either laughing or crying but never bored