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My Left Boob
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My Left Boob

Subtitle A Cancer Diary
By Sally Farmiloe-Neville
Published by Book Guild
ISBN 9781909716032
Summer 2014


Diagnosed with breast cancer, actress and glamour girl Sally Farmiloe-Neville decided to keep a diary. Filled with helpful advice based on her own experiences, Sally documents her treatment as she goes through chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy; helped by a healer, a hypnotherapist and a special diet. Touching, life-affirming and frank.

Author's Biography

Award-winning actress, author and presenter Sally Farmiloe-Neville is best known for her role in the popular drama Howards’ Way and is now senior presenter for B WELLTV and W6 STUDIOS and editor of the Hot Gossip column. Sally lives in West London with her daughter, step-children and husband Jeremy and is a patron of Against Breast Cancer.


Sally writes movingly of how it feels to actually have cancer and, as a result, is a real inspiration to everyone who has been affected by this terrible disease.’ Simon Cowell 

‘Warm, insightful and as effervescent as a glass of champagne this is an informative read for any one whose life is affected by this cruel disease’ Daily Express 

Price: £9.99

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Reader Comments

This should be read by every woman and those who love them.
Very moving and inspirational
I know what Sally has been going through fighting this awful disease. It is great that she has taken it on herself during this fight for her life to share her thoughts and emotions with others who are know someone dear or personally are going along the same journey
Sally is an incredibly brave lady who will inspire and comfort many people through her book, this book is great medicine and she deserves recognition for her courage and fortitude x
Sally is a determined survivor and her book is an act of courage
Sally is an incredible woman who is an inspiration to all women
a truly remarkable and hugely brave, inspirational beautiful woman - I love Sally!!
This is an excellent book, I gave it to my wife and she agreed.
A brilliant book really moving ..
My wife found this book very informative, thank you.
A brilliant book written with care by one who hase lived it. A MUST read by every woman and those who love them...
Sally's strength of character and determination is truly inspiring and her quest to continue as much as possible with her life whilst undergoing her treatments and constantly looking for new ways of improving her health make My Left Boob: A Cancer Diary a testament to her zest for life, and offers real insight into what living with cancer is like day to day.