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The Secret Life of Real Estate
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The Secret Life of Real Estate

By Phillip J Anderson
ISBN 9780856832635
Category Business/Finance
July 2009


Real estate is sold as much safer investment than the constantly fluctuating stock market. Share price volatility is compared unfavourably with the steadier and impressive gains made from real estate said to be, ‘as safe as houses’. This book details and explains the cyclical nature of real estate.

Price £26.95 Hardback

Author's Biography

Phillip Anderson is Director and founder of Economic Indicator Services, an economic forecasting service operating out of London and Melbourne, the world’s leading authority in the area of business, real estate and commodity cycles.  Subscribers to the service are educated to the movements of these cycles in the economy.


‘Anderson’s book is both exciting and timely. It provides detailed insight on how the addiction to land speculation became the foundation of the United States of America’ - Prosper Australia.

‘China's privatisation of its real estate market guarantees [another] real estate cycle’ - Singapore Business Times.

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Reader Comments

An excellent explanation of the cycle experienced in real estate. A must for any homeowner
Phil Anderson, in his book has made history exciting to read and study. It is also important given our current financial problems. Writing about the history of our economy is something few do well. Good onya Phil.
Great read. Phil explains the Real Estate Cycle better than anyone. Love the historical perpective.
Should be mandatory reading for politicians
Phil Anderson is clearly someone the governments from around the world should be listening to very closely.
Wonderful book that explains how the economy works. Valuable insight into the driving economic forces influencing American history.
Great insight into the finacial and property markets.
Advances the theory that freeing the land is as vital as freeing slaves
Loved the book. Absolutely fascinating information to be found between its covers. Definite YES vote! Dr Graham Holton
Phil Anderson is to be congratulated for sharing his knowledge and understanding of this subject. It appears to have been done for totally unselfish reasons ... simply to inform.
Economic and financial gurus should be judged according to whether they predicted the GFC. Anderson predicted it.
Fascinating read and astute analysis
There is a lot to learn from the insights into the cycles of real estate and our economy as set out in the book.I wish I had this book before I invested in property.
An excellent well researched book detailing the property cycle mechanics. A valuable tool in any persons knowledge of financial markets and or property investing.
a fast paced read giving us the necessary insights on the game of life, the pursuit of wealth and delivers a peace of mind.
Terrific insight!
An incisive analysis of our economy and the basis of our currrent problems.
If everyone had read this book, it is just possible the real estate bubble would have deflated instead of popped. Mike Curtis
great book great man
Phil Anderson convincingly explains how the land cycle contributed to the sub-prime mortgage meltdown.
"The Secret Life of Real Estate" is an excellent read! Thanks very much Phil for a very detailed and informative book. It's great and makes a lot of sense!
A great read. If there is any predictor of economic cycles that are like clockwork, tracking land cycles is the way to do it.
A great read if you want to be informed and gain an edge in the investing game.
Didn't see the 'crash' coming ? Consider the current turmoil as just one of those improbable 'Black Swan' events ? This thoroughly researched and hugely entertaining book will likely change your thinking, offering as it does compelling - maybe even overwhelming - evidence of the existence of a real estate cycle from which those 'in the know' repeatedly benefit - by fair means or foul. Be you a historian, an economist, a humble onlooker or even, god forbid, a politician, this superb book is for you. Great stuff !!
Fantastic book - obviously years of work and research. This will help steer us through the current Global Financial Crisis, and to help us watch our for the next one (and the one after). We should be able to anticipate them with a little bit of luck.
A very information and interesting analysis of the property market.
Very well written book. Brings to light a little known and most valuable insight into the operation of the real estate amrket and the economy as a whole.
Well researched
A must read for anyone investing in real estate and anyone wanting to know how real estate/economic cycles really work. The research that’s gone into the book is second to none. Brilliant!
Phil Anderson's book is an excellent read... it's interesting to see how the cycles are formed and much more information also.. well worth having a copy!
This is the best book I have ever read about real estate - how and why it moves.
excellent book. Once you understand this it puts the current economic situation into it's historical perspective.
Great book, educational interesting insight into the real estate cycles and how/why history does repeat.
Phillip Anderson proves that history does repeat. This book is a great tool for predicting the future of property prices.It is a must read for anyone investing into real estate.
As one reader commented, 'deja vu'. Who could have guessed this real estate / financial crisis has all happened before? Well if you had read this book you wouldn't need to guess. You would have known. You would have known why. And to top it all off you would also know why it WILL happen again.
Sometimes a book comes along that explains what has gone wrong in the world. The Secret Life of Real Estate puts real estate speculation into a historical context. Readers can use the information to make money for themselves, but hopefully, more of them will use the information to change the way society allows a few people to benefit at the expense of the majority. The book gives us the knowledge; what we do with it is up to each one of us.
I gave this book to a friend who is a property investor and builder. He read it in his Christmas vaction and was convinced by its arguments.
A thoroughly researched and enjoyable book that exposes the real estate cycle and its regularly damaging influences to the public gaze at last. If bubbles do burst regularly at 18 year intervals as Anderson clearly demonstrates they do, we are quite entitled to inquire: 1) why governments don't intervene in the public interest, before the damage is done, and 2) surely it could not be that governments will always act to the advantage of propertied interests because they are beholden to the lords of the land?
If you want to know how and why the property cycles boom and bust then you must have this book. If you want to be prepared and take advantage of the next cycle, this book shows you what signs to look for. A great book.
A fascinating read, the clarity and precision re the historical events and cycles that leave us with a feeling of "deja vu" as the events unfurl in the current global economy.
A fantastic in depth expose of how and why property and credit cycles are linked and keep repeating.
Phils book "The Secret Life of Real Estate" is thoroughly researched, and a pleasure to read. A journey into the past reveals secrets about how our markets work and this information correctly applied will provide financial rewards to the astute reader.
A great book providing new insights for layman and investor alike on the Real Estate Cycle and why history continues to repeat. Armed with this knowledge you can develop investment strategies with renewed confidence.
This book was interesting, helpful and enjoyable to read. Its was very informative with detailed facts on how the property cycle works in the past - Good Book.
An excellent book that should be taught in schools and universities. It combines history and economics wonderfully, concentrating on the causes of real estate cycles. An great book for all investors.
A must read book for any one interested to know about Real Estate Cycles , and how to use these Cycles to make big money
Excellent - If you want to get to the core of why Reasl Estate cycles exist then you will find this book very informative.
Anderson understands the inner workings of money and the markets in relation to real estate deeper than anyone else - and more often than not it's different to what the media is trying to tell us. He also knows his his financial history and can tell the story with eloquence. This book demystifies money and financial cycles to help you take advantage of where the market trends are heading.
A brilliant demonstration of the 18 year cycle boom bust cycle, which Gordon Brown so foolishly claimed he had put an end to. Every investor or analyst would benefit from it. For the general reader a devastating new insight into political corruption in the USA.
This book gives a fundamental insight into the major cycle that drives our economy - a cycle that perversely is not taught in mainstream economics courses! An understanding of the material presented enabled the current economic crisis to be easily predicted by those of Phil Anderson's subscribers who were fortunate enough to be able to read his book prior to publication. Readers are given the tools to plot the course of the current slump and its recovery, and will be aware of when to expect future economic peaks and downturns.
Great for investing - presents foundational information, not solutions.
Anderson's book is a great read.
An amazing insight to the real estate cycle and the intricities that create it. A brilliant piece of research and analysis.
You cant turn the clock back but with information in Phil Anderson's Real Estate Cycle book I could have made better investment decisions over my career. This book is a must read for my 4 young adult children. It also solves some of my gift giving issues. Joe Siegel Melbourne Australia
A brilliant description of not just how the property cycle works, but also how it affects the wider financial markets and drives the boom and bust cycle which must repeat. All you need to know to keep your investments safe.
This is one of the most important books written on the nature of economic cycles and what public policy changes are required to signficantly mitigate -- if not actually eliminate -- the boom-to-bust nature of market-oriented economies. While the author provides the history of property markets and banking crises in the United States, the same dynamics were and are occurring all around the globe. This book needs to be placed into the hands of all thoughtful persons looking for answers to how we got into the current economic crisis and for direction on the way out.