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Children's Poetry
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Children's Poetry

Subtitle An Invitation that Captured the Primary School Nationa
By Primary School Children
ISBN 9780957255234
Winter 2013


This poetry book is a result of a national initiative.

The children have written poems about 'Teamwork/Friendship' or 'Fears/Phobias'. Christina Gabbitas, wanted a writing initiative that children of all abilities could have an opportunity to take part in, with the chance of having their work published.

Author's Biography

There are 53 authors, aged 7-11 in this publication, whose names are listed on the back cover of the book. This poetry book was published to help inspire and encourage other children of primary school age to 'have a go' at writing.


Price: £8.99

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Reader Comments

A great way for children to learn. My nephew Edward aged 8, likes to read poetry.
My son Aaron likes reading these poems because they rhyme. It's the first book I have ever known him go back to without me asking. He especially likes Kite Flight.
You have an amazing amount of enthusiasm and determination to help encourage children reading and writing. Well done and the best of luck.
I have been reading the poems to my grandchildren who also like the colourful illustrations. My daughter finds the book very useful, as a working mum, she is able to find time to read a few poems before each bedtime.
I think you are a true inspiration Christina and look forward to reading many more poems. Good luck.
A great idea to help inspire children to read and write. There are some brilliant poems. Well done, Christina and keep up the good work.