The People's Book Prize Finalists - Fiction 2009/10 :: Non Fiction :: Children

William Bedford - None of the Cadillacs was Pink Published by Solidus
ISBN 978-1-904529-44-6 Category Short Stories - TPBP Winner November 2009  
William Bedford left school at fifteen to work on the English east coast fish docks and fairgrounds. He trained as a journalist, and eventually left Lincolnshire, working as a Lloyds Broker before becoming an academic and writer. His own extraordinary life informs and illuminates these stories.

Susan Everett - Crazy Horse - Published by Route Publishing Limited
ISBN 978-1901927061 Category Romantic thriller - TPBP Winner June 2009
Susan Everett is a novelist and screen writer. She has won the Carl Foreman Screenwriting Award, in association with BAFTA and This Morning TV/SHE Magazine short story competition award.

Jenny Holmes - The Quiet Voice Within - Published by Local Legend Publishing
ISBN 9780956103208 Category Romance, thriller/crime/mystery - TPBP Winner March 2010
Jenny Holmes has resided in North Shropshire all her life, where her surroundings are steeped in history, myth and legend. Her passion for the Creative Arts has always prevailed, through teaching, interior designing and now dedicating her time to writing novels, poetry and short stories. She has seven books published.

Jayne Joso - Soothing Music for Stray Cats - Published by Alcemi ISBN 9780955527258 Category Literary/Mystery - TPBP Winner December 2009
Jayne Joso has written extensively on Architecture and is highly regarded for her writing on Japanese arts & culture. Her first children's book was recently published in Japan, and her first play, China's Smile, commissioned in celebration of China's Children's Day, enjoyed a long theatre run and was later televised.

Aoife Mannix - Heritage of Secrets - Published by Flipped eye publishing
ISBN 978-1-905233-24-3 Category Romance Drama - TPBP Winner July 2009
Aoife Mannix was born in Stockholm of Irish parents, grew up in Dublin, Ottawa and New York. A former editor for the BBC's Holby City, she has written drama documentaries for Radio 4 and her short stories appear in Tell Tales Vol. 3, Small Voices, Big Confessions and Westside Stories.

John C Mawson - Ringturn - Published by Local Legend Publishing
ISBN 9781907203060 Category Science Fiction - TPBP Winner April 2010
John Mawson was born in London and attended Reigate Grammar School. After leaving school he set up his own business in engineering and materials procurement, working for many years in the field of critical application metals, including the development of super conductor alloys. Having been astounded by science fact, he now writes science fiction.

Niall O'Sullivan - Ventriloquism for Monkey - Published by Flipped eye publishing
ISBN 978-1-905233-08-3 Category Poetry - TPBP Winner August 2009
Born of Irish parents, Niall O'Sullivan studied Art in Bath and is a former council gardener. He has performed poetry since 1997 alongside the likes of Hugo Williams, John Hegley, Zena Edwards and Pete Doherty. He has also been featured internationally in Berlin and at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

Mez Packer - Among Thieves - Published by Tindal Street Press
ISBN 978-0955647628 Category Thriller/crime/mystery - TPBP Winner October 2009
Born in Essex, Mez Packer was a student at Warwick University in the 80s and traveled in Europe and Asia. She experimented in alternative lifestyles in the 90s and travelled to India, Nepal and Thailand. She lives with her partner and her two children in Leamington, Warwickshire

William Pascoe - Nemesis ex Nihilo - Published by Local Legend Publishing
ISBN 9781907203039 - TPBP Winner May 2010  
William Pascoe is half English, half Australian. He is an immunoparasitologist which totally fails to explain his fascination with cosmology and astrophysics. He gave up research science and professional science long ago. He now works for the Health and Safety Executive and has, arguably, one of the most interesting jobs on the planet.

Roger Robinson - Suckle - Published by Flipped eye publishing
ISBN 978-1905233212 Category Poetry - TPBP Winner September 2009
Roger Robinson is a writer, skilled performer and lecturer on poetry and performance. Listed by Decibel as one of fifty writers who have influenced the black-British writing canon over the past five decades, he has toured with the British Council in Vietnam, the Philippines, Argentina, India and his workshops have been shortlisted for the Gulbenkian Prize for Museums and Galleries.

 Lesley Thomson - A Kind of Vanishing - Published by Myriad Editions ISBN 978-0-9549309-4-3 Category fiction thriller/crime/mystery - TPBP Winner January 2010
Lesley Thomson's first novel, Seven Miles from Sydney ("Compelling" Times on Sunday; "Bold and imaginative" Time Out) is a crime thriller set in Australia. She also co-wrote actress Sue Johnston's autobiography Hold on to the Messy Times. She grew up in London and now lives in Lewes, East Sussex

Christian Tremain - Black Light - Published by Local Legend Publishing ISBN 9781907203022 Category fantasy/thriller  Winner TPBP February 2010  
Tremain graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University with a BA (Hons) in Film and Television studies including Creative Writing, combined with American Studies. He has written three full length screenplays, one of which was considered for development by Channel 4 films. Currently he is completing his second novel, a psychological thriller.